Jewelry Design

Jewelry DesignWe provide our clients with unparalleled Jewelry Design services for over 55 years. Our Jewelry Design services are absolutely comprehensive and take into account almost everything from the process of designing to creating the actual jewelry item. You can take inspiration by browsing through our widest range of designs, or you can provide your own Jewelry Design ideas. You can rest assured that you will get most breathtaking results when you use our astonishingJewelry Design services.

Ring Sizing

Ring SizingOur Ring Sizing services are truly flawless and can deliver you excellent results in the shortest possible time. You can attribute it to our years of experience in the industry, and our exceptionally skilled craftsmen who actually understand the needs and requirements of our customers when it comes to their Ring Sizingneeds.

Prong and Tip Repair

ProngandtiprepairAs one of the leading jewelry service providers and repairers, we can provide you with a range of high quality jewelry repair services, and Prong and tip repairis just one of them. Years of usage of rings may lead to worn out prongs, which are used for holding gemstones. Therefore, it's essential to avail the highest quality of Prong and tip repair services so that the gemstone remains tightly fixed in the setting. We take great pride in the fact that we can provide you exceptional quality Prong and tip repair services that you cannot find anywhere else nationwide.

Solder Rings, Chains, and Bracelets

SoldersilverThere are many instances where people are left with no option other than to throw away their rings, chains, or bracelets just because of minor breakage or defect. Well the good news is that you don't have to do this anymore. With our Solder rings, chains, and bracelets services, we can make these items like new with the same levels of strength within no time.

Diamond and Gemstone Setting

GemstonesettingSemi-precious gemstones and Diamond can be easily lost from any type of jewelry items in case their prongs are worn out. However, if you have found the stone, there is no need to worry. You can avail our incredible Diamond and Gemstone setting services right now to reset and secure these Diamonds and Gemstones right-away.

Watch Batteries and Repair

WatchrepairWe are your perfect destination if you are looking for the best Watch batteries and repair services. Our watch repair technicians are truly professional and highly skilled and have years of experience in jewelry and watch repair industry. We are your ultimate address for getting all types of Watch batteries and repair services at lighting fast speeds.

Restring Pearl Necklaces and Bracelets

RestringpearlsOur Restring Pearl Necklaces and Bracelets services can provide you awe-inspiring results in the shortest possible time. Though prices for Restring Pearl Necklaces and Bracelets may vary according to the necklace length or if there is a knot between every two beads, you can get this done from us at highly competitive prices.

Clean and Polish Jewelry

CareWant to make your jewelry items sparkle and shine again, availing our complimentary Clean and polish jewelry services is undeniably the best option for you. You will be truly amazed to see how we turn your dull and dirty piece of jewelry into a shining masterpiece.


Let us make your item even more special by personalizing it with our top notch Engraving.  We do all our Engraving in-house and ensure that your item is carefully handled. We offer diffenent font styles. Some items that we can Engrave include wedding bands, various jewelry, watches, pins, pens, platters, and much more. Stop by and let's see what we can Engrave for you!

Appraisals on Purchased Items (Upon Request of Store Purchase)

Appraisal01 SmallWe can provide you most accurate Appraisals on purchased items whereby we will describe all the main characteristics of the jewelry item, treatments that the gems went through, whether the gemstone is synthetic or natural, true value of all the jewelry items and so on.

Free Layaway

Bicycle Shop LayawayWe can make your jewelry purchasing much easier by allowing you to make payments for the purchased items in 10 months at completely no extra cost (sale items must be paid out within 90 days or 3 months). No wonder, our free layaway program is the most preferred option for people who are looking to buy the highest quality jewelry items without taking any financial burden.

Flexible Payment Options 

We have a variety of Flexible Payment Options for you to choose from.  Please inquire at the store regarding your payment needs.  It is more than likely that we will be able to fully accomodate you with reasonable terms that you can afford. You can choose to apply for credit through Schl or Tower Loan. It only takes a few minutes to fill out an application!

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