The 4C's

This is an important consideration. You should know that the quality of a diamond has nothing to do with size or color alone. But it has everything to do with the4CsCutColor, Clarity, and Carat-weight. These four characteristics are what determine a diamond's quality and value.


Many people confuse cut with shape. A diamond's cut is what gives it its fire and sparkle. When cut to good proportions, the diamond is better able to handle light, creating more sparkle and scintillation.


The best color for a diamond is no color. A totally colorless diamond best allows white light to pass effortlessly through it and be dispersed as rainbows of color. Yes, there are very rare pink, blue and green diamonds. These are known as fancies.


Most diamonds contain very tiny natural birthmarks known as inclusions. However, the fewer and smaller the inclusions are, the less likely it is that they will interfere with the passage of light through the diamond. Diamonds, more than any other gemstone, have the capability to produce the maximum amount of brilliance. Most jewelers have a rating system that will help you understand the clarity of your stone. Ask us at Kux Jewelers to let you look through a loupe and explain just what has been discovered about your diamond.


This is the weight of the diamond measured in carats. One carat is divided into 100 points. So a diamond of 75 points weighs .75 carat. Carat weight is the easiest of the 4Cs to determine. But two diamonds of equal weight can have very unequal value, depending on their other characteristics. Fine quality can be found in diamonds of all shapes and sizes. And a fine quality diamond is a little extra weight she'd be pleased to put on


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At Kux Jewelers, we will be happy to explain the 4Cs and show you the differences between various qualities of diamonds. An established jeweler prizes his or her good reputation and will help you choose the best quality diamonds, your primary consideration when making this purchase.

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